Garage sales has a long history with the people of the United States and it’s more of a joyful feeling where people actually unite and meet over to buy something that a person wants and to sell something that’s of no use to the other. Traditionally, people would drive around or will come to know about garage sales searching for sign boards and people who want to sell would spend time making sign boards to let others know. But all this is pretty tiresome, time-consuming and boring.

We today live in a world that’s moving towards convenience. Convenience is the need of the hour. Technology has changed so much around us. It has brought convenience in your hand, at your fingertips. People today want a faster and easier way to do garage sale.

GotoConcept LLC. is a technerd company with some of the smartest brains working behind the scenes to solve the modern day issues by serving the people out there with their skills and experience. GotoGarageSale was born with an idea to make it easier for people to find garage sales nearby and also post garage sales in minutes.

It is an online platform that lets you find garage sales happening near you or if you want to sell your old items that’s of no use to you anymore, you can post your own sales.