A fingerlicking meal, endless happy moments and unforgettable memories with family and friends, this is what thanksgiving is all about. Also, it is an opportunity to disclose your hidden talent to prove that your mind is an ocean of creativity as you can decorate your homestead by putting in all the DIY ideas that you have ever imagined.  

If you are the host of this year’s thanksgiving and trying to bring the supreme out of your skills, beneath listed are 7 DIY ideas to win your guests. All you need is a perfect and utter plan with all necessary DIY materials. 

1. Don’t miss the floral hangings

Formation of colourful floral hangings is really easy, you can do it by giving it a theme touch like using seasonal real flowers or artificial flowers to make floral hangings. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Collect bunches of flowers of both real and artificial type. With mixed bunch you can make a floral hanging having both types of flowers or either each of them.
  • Collect thick threads for hanging purposes.
  • Collect pots in which you want to keep flowers and paint them with nice colours.
  • Use hooks for hanging them.



2. Decorate the front door

Decorate your house door with different types of decorative items. To decorate your front door, here are some DIY ideas that you can implement:

  • Pumpkin lanterns having bulbs of different colours to make your front door look glowing at night time.
  • Wood slice wreath can be made using white flowers or embroidery hoops. You can attach it to the door with a nice Thanksgiving message so it will make your guests feel special the moment they will see it.
  • Chalkboard craft is one of the coolest ways to express your feelings. You can use the wood chalkboard, mould it into any shape with the help of tools and then attach it to your door.
  • Turn a boring hat into a cute scarecrow to welcome your guests with a friendly and smiling vibe.



3. Table Decoration Ideas

When it comes to decorate your buffet, you can use a rod and cover it with garlands or you can drape those garland around the table where your loved ones will sit to have their meals. To make it more interesting you can attach a leaf on a bunch of garland with a thanksgiving note that will make your loved one’s day more special. 



4. Simple table to a colourful centerpiece

Use all colours like yellow, orange, red to make your table look beautiful on this thanksgiving. This will change the atmosphere of your home and you will receive lots of love from your loved ones. If you don’t want to go only with colours, then you decorate it based on any theme like turkey, floral or anything as per your likes. 



5. Balloon says it all

A giant balloon for the entire family with a sweet message on it or multiple balloons with short message for specific family members, both can work in an amazing way to convert a boring thanksgiving into an exciting one. If you don’t want to go with the messages, the alternative thing you can do is, use those balloons for decorating the dining area to make it more adorable.



6. Thank you greeting cards

Kids enjoy crafting greeting cards! Especially when it comes to making greeting cards for some specific purpose kids gets more excited and become creative by boosting their thought process on  how they can make the best greeting cards.This is a fun idea that can make your kids laugh. You can write lovable quotes or special messages by mentioning the name of the person for whom you are writing. 



7. Centerpiece made by pumpkins

Using lamps every thanksgiving is an old tradition now! If you want to do something out of the box then try using painted pumpkins. Keep them as your centerpiece, it will make your homestead more beautiful and attractive. 


The entire team of GotoGarageSale wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving!