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Christmas is just a couple of days away and friends, the time has come to start thinking about how to decorate our home sweet home by using all the crafty Christmas decor items. We have something for you, wondering what? A list of 15 amazing creative DIY ideas for Christmas 2019, which can help you make your shed look more bright and colorful!

The list includes varieties of DIY crafts ideas, such as making ornaments, wreaths, and many more items similar to it. Regardless of already having decorating experience of past years, you can always do something beyond your imagination if you are willing to. Over the top of everything, the purpose of Christmas is to have a happy time with loved ones and celebrate the birth of Jesus, of course!

Here’s what you can do:

1. Basket Wreaths

A simple plain or white basket can be decorated with colorful berries or other fruits and kept on a table. To make it look more attractive, a floral garland can be attached to it that are multi-colored, it will surely make your dining area look more lighthearted and peppy!



2. Christmas Straws

Christmas straws are anyways eye-catchy, but to implement a DIY idea on it, you can attach mini artificial leaves at the top and wrap straws with white, red, and green paper, which will make it complete Christmas straw. Use hot-glue to attach these things on the straw, as regular glue might not work here.


3. Christmas Costumes

Christmas costumes are fun! You can wear an outfit that has been stitched on a Christmas theme. This Christmas, create your outfit and have a theme party with your buddies.



4. Treat Holders

Containers that are no longer usable or needed can be converted into a creative holder. Wondering how? You can take a box, remove a specific portion from it, which is not necessary, fill it with sand and keep a plant inside it or fill it with candies or chocolates or flowers or anything that you like. It can become a jar, a vase, a candle holder, a pot, or anything. Just give it a thought, and it will become a thing!


5. Christmas Candles

Candles, either small or large, can be molded into any shape as you like because it is pure wax. You can use candles and cut them into various shapes and use those pieces as a decorative item in wreaths, ornaments, centerpiece, gifts, and more.


6. Mini Christmas Trees

Mini Christmas trees can be made either by paper, clothes, or yarn. You can quickly get yarn of different colors and use them to make mini Christmas trees. This is one of the best DIY ideas for kids also.


7. Wine Cork Crafts

Don’t throw the wine corks if you are drinking a few days before Christmas because these wine corks can be used as mini props that can be attached to presents, trees, wretches, and more decorative items.


8. Cookie Box Christmas Tree

Kids love cookies, and you all might be having empty boxes left of them! Make a stack of cookie boxes by keeping the largest at the bottom and smallest at the top and decorate it with a garland or low lights that will make it look like a Christmas tree.


9. Handkerchief Christmas Tree

Take a thermocol sheet, gather push pins, and arrange handkerchiefs in such a form that it forms as a Christmas tree at the end. To make it more beautiful, you can put colorful mini bulbs on each piece and bulb it up in the evening. If you don’t want to go with thermocol sheet, using a bulletin board is even a good option.

Source: Pinterest


10. Handmade Christmas Greeting Cards

How about making Christmas greeting cards for every person in your home? This will make your bond with loved ones even stronger, right? Gather papers of different sizes, a box of colors, stickers, and start making greeting cards.


11. Thumbprint Christmas Paintings

Being an artist isn’t easy, but making a thumbprint Christmas painting is! Either use a canvas or a chart paper, use colors, your thumb and make a Christmas tree. To can later stick thermocol balls to it to make it a perfect Christmas look-a-like tree painting.


Source: Pinterest


12. Hoop Ornaments

If you know how to do cross-stitching, then it will become effortless for you to make hoop ornaments. Using the cross-stitching methods, you can make different patterns as per your likings and put them on the Christmas tree.

Source: Pinterest


13. Mini Christmas Bells

Bells, the heart of the Christmas festivities! When a bell rings at Christmas time, it sends a message that the day is going to be great and full of happiness. To make the day more unique, you can attach those mini bells at the corner of trees or tables or napkins as well.



14. Snowflake Ornaments

Snowflake ornaments once made look very beautiful. They are easy to make; all you need to have is a snowflake template that you can cut in different shapes as per your imaginations and make ornaments from them.



15. Paper Cup Candles

If you have simple and plain paper cups at your home, you can use paint to draw different patterns to convert those plain paper cups into a designer one and use them as a candle holder. Also, you can mould the paper cups into different shapes to make candle holders of different patterns and style as per your likings. You can keep candles around the christmas trees so it will make the decorated area more beautiful. Turn off lights, and enjoy the christmas festival with your loved ones in the candle light. 

Source: Pinterest


The entire team of GotoGarageSale wishes you Merry Christmas!