A garage sale can be a success if you keep some important points in mind, but there are more things you need to take care of otherwise your garage sale can get converted into a failed one.

Sometimes it might happen that you are highly busy in preparing for your garage sale and might not be able to realize that what mistakes you are making. Here, you will be finding five mistakes you need to avoid if you want to save your garage sale from getting destroyed. 

Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Garage Sale

1. Lack of advertisement

Promoting your garage sale by putting up sign boards near your home is a good thing, but as you know nowadays people are shifting on digital platforms to find what they need, why to refrain yourself if you can also get profit using such platforms?

Talking about online platforms, you can use GotoGarageSale, a one-stop mobile based application developed just to solve your problem. 

The app allows you to post your sale in a descriptive way - you just need to add information such as images, price, venue and timings of your garage sale and once your sale is live, it will be visible to all buyers. 

So, GotoGarageSale is definitely one of those applications that can save your garage sale from getting ruined. 

2. Chaotic arrangement

It is very much necessary to organize a garage sale in a proper manner. Suppose you yourself visit a garage sale and find items kept in a shattered way, will you even spend minutes to find what you want, no, right?

Similarly, your buyers will not like jumbled stuff. So, when you are organizing a garage sale make sure that you keep each item in a proper way. 

If buyers face trouble in finding what they need, then they will leave your place without even looking the other stuff. So, avoid mismanagement and keep items in a categorized way.

3. Lack of items

Having only a few items to sell? Then it’s a bad idea to throw a garage sale! Wondering why? Because buyers visit garage sales to buy multiple items from a garage sale and if you will display only few pieces say 10-20 then few buyers will take a look at your items. So, it’s better to organize a garage sale if you have a good amount of items to sell.

The solution to this problem is quite simple, if you still want to sell your items, what you can do is, you can join your neighbours or friends and sell your handful items by being a part of their sale. 

4. Higher Prices

The buyers who visit garage sales are “sometimes” very particular about what they want to buy, and they might already know what the market price of that product is. So, instead of keeping stratospheric prices, maintain an average amount of each item that will help in attracting more and more buyers. 

Putting any random price on any time may lead to failure of your garage sale because it is important to realize the actual worth of a product. 

Do not represent yourself as a greedy seller, buyers might already know it’s actual worth. Tagging an item with reasonable price tag can save your garage sale from getting ruined.

5.  Lack of cash

While hosting a garage sale, make sure that you have kept enough amount of change with you. Even if you are accepting credit cards, it is not necessary that every buyer will take their cards with them right? Some buyers will be having cash only.