Garage sale - the season when you sell things you don’t want in your house!! It takes a lot of time to plan and run a garage sale, and it’s quite troublesome to earn profit from garage sales. 

Before you start decorating your garage or yard, you need to know some tips or tricks using which you can sell items and buy new stuff for your house. With little extra effort, you could earn more money by selling your stuff. 

But how? How can you earn more from garage sales? Let’s check them out.

Tips & Tricks To Make the Most Money From Garage Sale

1. Be Punctual

After spreading the word in the whole city about your garage sale, you are going to lose all of your buyers, if you will not open your sale on time. Being on time is always a good thing, agreed? So, if you yourself are punctual at your garage sale, you can easily get more buyers as there will be some buyers who might be already waiting to grab what they want before anyone else can take it.

2. Start it on Friday

Why to start garage sale on Friday? Let’s understand this:

Suppose you are arranging a garage sale on weekends, there are chances of having more sales in your area right? But if you start your sale on Friday followed by the weekend, more buyers will visit your sale. 

So, starting a garage sale on Friday can turn the complete game as more buyers can stop at your place to buy stuff. 

3. Make display visible and easy for buyers

Easy display leads to more sales! Try to feel that how you want to look at the items kept if you visit a garage sale. Ask yourself that will I invest my time in finding what I want from a garage sale where items are kept in an unorganised manner? Or how can I make the display easy for my buyers?

Keep items in a categorised manner, for example, at one side you can keep all the furniture items and on the other side you can keep stationary items and so on. The more easy the display will be, the easier it will become for the buyers to find what they are looking for.

4. Accept Card Payments

Be flexible with the payment modes. The digital world has given us so many things that nowadays we have a better solution for everything. If your buyer is out of cash, let them pay through card. 

5. Keep repaired stuffs

If you have some items in your list that you want to sell, but they are not in good condition, then it is better to fix the damaged part before you place it on the table. If you keep the damaged stuff as it, then buyer might not be interested in buying it. So, if you’re planning to sell those stuff, make sure it is repaired and available in good condition. 

6. Keep specific items for online sale

Yes, the main motto behind organizing a garage sale is to get rid of unwanted clutter, but there are a few items that you might not be able to sell in your sale. 

In this case, sell all those items online, after your garage sales ends. Online platforms are a great place from where you can buy or sell items.  

Some Safety Measures You Must Take:

  • Keep your house locked and keys with you.
  • Keep all the money with you, either in your pocket or keep a purse. Someone can steal the lock box when you are highly busy.
  • Keep a first aid kid, just in case someone hurts themselves in some ways.
  • Keep enough amount of water. Don’t get dehydrated in sun. Taking care of health is equally important.