The notion that you can’t host a garage sale when you live in an apartment is false. While we agree that resource sharing is the essence of living in a contemporary housing society, and you might not feel free at will to make arrangements, it’s also a fact that with the right tricks up your sleeves, you can host a garage sale and successfully at that. Common complaints such as lack of space and excessive interference of the society supervisors can also be addressed if you’re smart enough to know what the drill is. 

Below, we have discussed five methods that can help you host a garage sale while you live in an apartment. These suggestions are incredibly simple and will not demand any great efforts out from you. Obviously, not all tips will apply to everyone. However, with little pump and priming, the goal is achievable. 

So, without wasting another second, let’s get straight to the low-down!

Search for a Busy Street

To catch a sight of a garage sale being hosted on a busy street or a sidewalk isn’t an exception. There are many people who do so with an aim to grab maximum eyeballs and be able to sell your wares to comparatively large sections of audience. So, if you’re able to find a busy street corner for organizing a garage sale, consider yourself lucky and hop on!

Use Your Parking Lot If You Have One

Having a parking lot in your complex? If yes, the luck is shining on you. Those who can access the parking lot facility can clear out a few spots and set up some tables with sale items on them. However, first things first, don’t forget to seek approval of the community supervisors or check with your neighbours before taking over the parking lot. Usually, the rules of sharing common spaces around a complex are pretty strict. Abide to them!

Borrow Your Friend’s Garage

Alternatively, you can ask a friend to rent out his garage or driveway to you for hosting a garage sale. This is a pretty handy solution to get rid of space issues, and if your friend lives in a high traffic area, benefits are doubled. Not only will you get a large area to sell your items, but also get maximum traction from the passers-by. However, transporting wares from your place to theirs will be the only problem area involved. 

Organize a Community Yard Sale

What’s better than a yard sale? A community yard sale! Yes, community sales are honey pots, drawing users in large numbers and ensure a high return on investments. Put out some flyers in your building and invite a few neighbours who might be interested in selling their idle wares in a community yard sale along with you. 

Join a Community Yard Sale

If organizing a community yard sale from scratch isn’t your thing, you can try to join one. Many communities and towns organize annual city-wide yard sales, which offer a great platform to sell stuff and rake in quick money. Usually, such sales are organized in large spaces such as playgrounds, stadiums, and convention centres. 

Five amazing ways to host a yard sale while living in an apartment, and you thought it’s a real deal? Well, happens! However, now that you know how to get the job done, don’t forget to tell us about your experience when you host one. Also, if you have some suggestions to chip in, we are all ears.