Rack,  Curling  Iron  Set,  Stepper,  Cups,  Glasses,  Blender,  Flower  vase,  Clothes  (Boys,  Girls,  Mens,  Womens),  Shoes  &  Sandals  (Boys,  Girls,  Mens,  Womens),  Face  mask,  Blanket,  Kiddie  car,  Baby  bath,  Plates  for  baby,  Books,  Toys,  Puzzles,  Christmas  &  Birthday  Decorations,  Pensiles,  Collectible  Plates  etc.

*No  early  bird.
*  There  are  some  free  items.
*  There  are  also  brand  new  items.
*  Please  do  not  block  the  driveway  for  the  neighborhood.
*  We  will  not  be  responsible  for  any  parking  trouble.
*  Please  pay  in  cash.  (We  may  not  have  change  for  larger  bills.)
*  No  pre-sales.
*  All  sales  are  final.