Many  items  being  added  daily  as  we  go  through  things.  Tv  Stand,  microwave  stand,  several  small  stands  with  drawers,  two  white  end  tables,  pair  of  white  lamps,  free  couch,  loveseat  and  small  chair,  old  Domino  sugar  pie  basket,  glassware,  craft  supplies,  mesh,  ribbon,  wreath  frames(various  shapes),  grapevine  wreaths(various  sizes  and  shapes),  Knick  Knacks,  white  dolphin  coffee  table,  baking  dishes,  glass  mixing  bowls,  PetSafe  Deluxe  crystal  cat  litter  box  system  with  extra  supplies,  clocks(some  work-some  don’t),  large  assortment  of  silk  and  plastic  flowers,  printer,  and  much  more.  Can’t  list  it  all.
2419  Gulf  to  Bay  Blvd  lot  106  in  the  Twin  Lakes  Park,  Clearwater  FL  33765
May  27th-28th
9am-3pm  each  day