Neighborhood  Garage  Sales!!!
Thursday,  May  26,  7am  -  5pm
Friday,  May  27,  7am-3pm.

?7100  Hickory  Run
Chest  freezer,  bunk  beds  with  mattresses,  mountain  bike,  pet  carrier  and  cages,  men’s  jeans  and  dress  pants  (32-36),  soccer  and  basketball  balls,  footballs,  kids  outdoor  games  (badminton,  baseball  glove)  +lots  more

?7117  Hickory  Run
3  different  families,  including  a  600  Jr  Reloader  for  ammo/trap  shooting,  helmets,  doggie  step,  etc.

?7106  Hickory  Run
A  quilter's  paradise-lots  of  fabric,  kids  games,  fly  fishing  gear,  picnic  table,  etc.

?7137  Hickory  Run
Mac  computer  monitor,  keyboard,  backpacks,  women's  dress  clothes,  RV  materials,  geraniums,  plant  stands,  pots,  kids  sporting  equipment,  and  more!

?7381  Clover  Hill
lARIN  2  ton  foldable  engine,  42"  lawn  thatcher,  2"  trailer  receiver  hitch,  x2  8"  inline  duct  fans,  reloading  equipment,  antique  baby  bed.  Huffy  15  speed  girls  bike,  antique  grape  fruit  press,  re  curve  hunting  bow,  salmon  fishing  pole,  beer  making  kits.  Also  plants  and  trees...

?7336  Clover  Hill  Drive
Children's  playset,

?5645  Dahmen  Circle
Snowblower,  miter  box,  plants,  and  small  appliances