9AM-4PM  (Marine  Park,  Brooklyn)

saturday  2022-05-28

start  time:  9AM

For  Sale.Comics,  tons  of  sports  cards,  autographed  books  and  cards,  tons  of  books  (  hardcovers  $1.00,  soft  covers  .50  ),  clothes,  men's  shirts  (  $3.00  each  or  2  for  $5.00,  Starting  Line  Up  figures,  ),  toys,  chinaware,  glasses  most  only  $1.00,  autographed  baseballs  (  most  $8.00  ),  games,  shipping  tubes,  electronics,  cds,  dvds,  shopping  carts,  $3.00  each,  household  items,  like  new  chrome  and  glass  shelving  unit,  some  coins,  not  many,  large  movie  posters,  and  much,  much  more.
Date  May  28,  2022
Address,  1812  East  36th  Street
Brooklyn  Between  Avenue  R  and  Fillmore  Avenue.
No  early  birds