Resuming  our  sale  next  weekend  instead  of  opening  up  for  Sunday  6/26.  Thank  you  to  all  that  came  out  for  our  first  tester  sale!  Better  pictures  of  what's  left  will  be  posted  this  week.

Going  forward,  we  dont  want  to  upset  people  coming  out  to  browse..  and  to  more  clear/up  front  with  anyone  else  interested  in  seeing  whats  left  of  our  families  antique  collection/estate;  Please,  save  your  gas  or  look  around  at  other  sales  for  those  awesome  nickel  and  dime  deals,  because  our  sale  isn't  the  place  -  We  still  have  more  boxes  to  dig  through  but  the  much  of  the  collection  has  already  been  researched/logged  down  for  probate,  were  just  not  trying  to  pay  such  a  heavy  commission  fee  to  push  our  sale  through  to  an  estate  company..

We  have  decided  to  find  new  homes  for  much  of  our  families  antique  collection,  personal  belongings  and  keepsakes  of  over  70  years.  Rustic  decor  and  garden  art,  beer  and  coffee  memorabilia,  glasswear,  lamps,  oil  lamps,  old  picture  frames  and  artwork,  cast  iron  fire  places,  old  farm  and  agricultural  tools,  camping  gear,  random  knickknacks  and  interesting  conversation  pieces.

3  big  ticket  items  will  also  be  available  for  serious  collectors;

1.  Huge  antique  cabinet  with  over  100  deep  drawers;  from  the  University  of  Washington  Architecture  and  Engineering  program  back  in  the  60s.  asking  $2,800  OBO

2.  American  Gaming  pool  table,  asking  $1,500  OBO

3.  1980s  3  stage  Komastu  F625S  Forklift  with  tires  currently  for  paved  surfaces  and  concrete  but  can  be  swaped  out  for  other  tires,  asking  $3,200  OBO

*Cash  and  cashiers  check  only*
*Street  parking  available,  then  a  short  walk  down  driveway*
*Closer  parking  available  for  loading  purposes*