Hello  friends,  Welcome  to  another  Spectacular  Grasons  Co.  Elite  Estate  Sale.  We  are  honored  to  have  been  chosen  to  perform  the  sale  for  the  wonderful  family.  We  need  to  complete  the  cleaning  and  rearranging  to  take  quality  pictures.  More  descriptions  and  pictures  to  come  so  please  revisit  soon  to  get  updates.  Due  to  excessive  amounts  of  calls,  pricing  will  not  be  quoted  over  the  phone  and  you  must  come  in  person  for  prices.  WE  WILL  BE  FOLLOWING  ALL  CDC  GUIDELINES  TO  MAINTAIN  COMPLIANCE  FOR  THIS  ESTATE  SALE.  IF  YOU  ARE  SICK  WE  ASK  THE  YOU  DO  THE  RIGHT  THING  AND  STAY  HOME  WE  WILL  ONLY  ALLOW  A  LIMITED  AMOUNT  OF  PEOPLE  INTO  THE  HOUSE  AT  A  TIME.  WHILE  IN  THE  HOUSE  YOU  MUST  KEEP  6  ft  FROM  THE  NEAREST  PERSON  PLEASE  --  At  Grasons  Co  Elite  OC  your  safety  has  always  been  our  top  priority.  With  the  COVID-19  corona-virus  outbreak,  your  health  and  welfare  are  of  paramount  importance  to  us  as  you  shop  at  our  estate  sale  this  weekend.  Our  priority  and  focus  are  to  meet  our  client’s  and  estate  sale  shopper’s  needs  while  maintaining  existing  and  implementing  new  safety  measures  which  protect  our  associates,  employees,  and  communities.  Below  are  a  few  new  safety  measures:  -To  keep  social  distance,  we  will  limit  10  shoppers  in  the  home  at  any  given  time.  -We  made  hand  sanitizing  products  available  for  you  and  strategically  placed  to  remind  you  of  the  heightened  hygiene  requirements.  -We  encourage  anyone  not  feeling  well,  to  stay  home,  get  well,  and  avoid  passing  any  illness  to  others  Sign  up  sheet  will  be  placed  outside  the  home  1  hour  before  start  time  on  the  1st  day  of  the  sale.  (The  sign  in  sheet  is  used  to  see  who  gets  in  first  at  the  grand  opening  of  the  sale  and  anyone  can  still  come  without  being  on  this  sheet)  No  other  list  will  be  honored.  Unattended  pre-list  boxes  will  be  moved  to  the  end  of  the  line.  You  must  be  physically  there  to  attend  your  box.  If  you  are  in  your  car  you  must  make  everyone  know  that  you  are  still  there  attending  your  box.  If  you  leave  the  premise,  then  your  box  will  not  be  recognized  for  the  previous  spot  and  will  be  allocated  to  the  last  available  spot.  Bringing  your  own  stickers  to  mark  sold  will  be  not  be  honored  as  reserving  the  item,  only  Grasons  Staff  are  allowed  to  mark  items  as  sold.  All  items  that  are  reserved  must  be  paid  for  in  full.  If  you  try  and  return  an  item  that  was  marked  sold,  then  you  will  not  be  allowed  to  make  any  more  purchases  that  sale  day.  Grasons  reserves  the  right  sell  any  item  to  the  highest  bidder  on  high  demand  items.  Desired  items  may  end  up  in  auction  format  at  beginning  of  sale  and  any  dispute  on  item  will  result  in  auction  to  the  highest  bidder.  As  always  be  respectful  to  the  neighbors,  home  and  Grasons  Co.  staff.  We  can't  wait  to  see  you!Sincerely,  Grasons  Co.  Elite  Please  Email,  Call  or  Text  714-726-8520