Handline's  Auctions  Absolute  Live  Auction  on  Saturday  July  9th  Preview  at  12pm  Auction  will  start  at  1pm  Auction  contains  many  great  items..  Microwave,  Books,  Hood  Ornament,  Household  wares,  Barware,  Oil  Lamp  (needs  repair),  Various  Dishes,  China,  Glassware,  Magic  Items,  Kitchenware,  Various  Décor,  Various  Playing  Cards,  Sports  Illustrated  Magazines,  Cleveland  Browns  Items,  Cleveland  Cavaliers  Items,  Suitcases,  Table,  Globe,  Kids  Whiteboard,  Various  Lamps,  Sports  Pins,  Couple  Bobbleheads,  Various  Wall  Art,  Candles,  APC  Units  (untested),  Wash  boards,  Multiple  HD  Direct  Units  (untested),  Cash  Drawers,  Eiffel  tower  items,  Cookie  Jar,  Multiple  Willow  Tree  Figures,  Various  Electronics,  Galvanize  Tub,  Folding  Chairs,  Amish  Made  Fireplace  Frame,  Floor  Lamps,  Bar  Saloon  Doors,  Plastic  Bins,  Travel  and  Mini  Roulette  Wheels/Games,  Cotton  Club  Bottles,  Box  of  Various  Maps,  Civil  War  Magazines,  and  much  much  more..  Check  out  over  300+  Photos