Clothing  Garage  Goodies  Hand  tools  to  Power  tools  Workshop  Equipment  Asian  inspired  decor  to  include  dishes,  China,  &  multiple  Geisha's  in  glass  cases  Kitchen  Counter  Equipment  Wooden  Planks  Ladders  Sewing  and  Crafting  material  as  well  as  Equipment  Including  Professional  Sewing  Table  Treadmill  Industrial  Moving  Dolly  Arctic  King  Chest  Freezer  Mid-Mod  Furniture  Boxes  of  Copper  Pipe,  couplings,  and  other  plumbing  pieces  Metal  Shelving  Racks  Shelf  Stable  Goodies  from  the  kitchen  to  the  garage,  including  grass,  garden,  and  yard  products  Pile  of  Cement  Bricks  Extension  Cords  Brands  such  as  Maytag  &  JC  Penny  AND  SO  MUCH  MORE!!!!!