Sofa,  chairs,  end  tables,  coffee  tables,  dinning  tables  with  chairs,  book  shelf,  small  organ,  bedroom  set,  dressers,  tv  stands,  cedar  chest,  file  cabinet,  outside  bench,  lamps,  pictures,  homemade  quilts,  women  clothes,  shoes,  purses,  men's  clothes,  ties,  hats,  scarfs,  gloves,  DVDs,  VHS,  kitchen  items,  pots,  pans,  bowls,  cups,  pitchers,  BBQ  utensils,  picnic  items,  corning  ware,  serving  platters,  cook  books,  Christmas,  Halloween,  Easter  items,  canvas  bags,  gift  boxes  &  bags,  ribbons,  luggage,  table  linens,  dollies,  picture  frames,  knickknacks,  wall  décor,  crystal  dishes,  area  rugs,  baskets,  walker,  cane,  misc.  items,  outside  settee  with  three  chairs,  outside  umbrella,  hand  tools,  grass  spreader,  garden  hoses,  ladders,  wheel  barrel,  electric  grass  trimmer,  small  chain  saw,  hedge  trimmer,  tree  trimmer,  lawn  chairs,  shop  vac,  shovels